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Self Inking Standard sizes (in stock)
ITEM SIZE black ink colors
1/2"  x  1 1/2"
$19.00 $21.00
5/8"  x  1 7/8"
$21.50 $22.50
7/8"  x  2 1/4" $22.00 $24.00
15/16"  x  2 3/4" $24.75 $26.75
5/8"  x  1 7/8"

Signature stamps (in stock)

Self Inking

Wood Handle

Self inking notary stamp $28.50 (in stock)

Quick turnaround!
Ink for self inking stamp and stamp pads (in stock)

1oz bottle

Ink colors: black, red, blue, violet, green

Self inking round and square stamps:

Self inking dater stamps:

HEAVY DUTY stamps and daters

Contact us for cost/info on these and other stamps.